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How can I write to Jodi?
Jodi can receive TONS of mail now, see below:

*** SENDING MAIL TO JODI *** Updated: 1403 PDT April 15 re items that may not be mailed
Updated: 0805 PDT April 15 re adhesive postage stamps
As you know, Jodi has been moved to Perryville Prison, in Goodyear, Arizona. She is now going through the intake and reception process, during which she will go through a series interviews and tests; will be assigned a custody classification and risk level; and will be be assigned housing. Ultimately, Jodi will be housed in the Lumley Unit. More specifically, Lumley-SMA (Special Management Area).
Until Jodi is moved to the Lumley unit [fn1], mail may be sent to her using the following address. This is a general address (i.e., one that has no unit line in the address block).
Be aware of the following when sending Jodi mail.
* Incoming mail must have a complete return address, including sender's name and the complete street address or PO Box.
* Letters and enclosures may be sent in a standard-size (#10) mailing envelope.
* You can use adhesive postage stamps for postage.
* No packages.
* There is no limit on the amount of mail Jodi may receive.
* While in maximum security Jodi's mail, incoming and outgoing, is subject to be read in its entirety or in part.
* DO NOT, under *any* circumstances, send *any* information about Jodi (or any inmate) obtained via the Inmate Datasearch at the ADC website:…/inmate-datasearch
What may I enclosure in mail?
* Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, cartoons or copies of material from the Internet may be enclosed within personal mail; however, the content is subject to the prison's publication review process.
* Photographs provided the non-photo side cannot be separated (i.e. Polaroid's).
* Jodi may possess up to 30 photographs at one time. Those that she chooses not to keep will become part of her overflow and will be sent to Jodi's family for storage.
The following may *not* be mailed to Jodi.
- Packages
- Products
- Used or unused postage stamps
- Cell phones or electronic devices
- Cash, coins, personal checks of any kind
- Stickers, labels, address labels or decorative stamps.
- Photos where the non-photo side can be separated (Polaroid's).
- Photos of other inmates.
- Photos that are sexually explicit, sexually suggestive or contain nudity
- Unknown foreign substances and/or powders.
- Oils, perfumes, incense or personal property items.
- Lottery tickets or games of chance.
- Tax forms.
- Battery operated greeting cards, or greeting cards larger than 8.5 by 11 inches
- Unused Greeting cards, stationary, pens/pencils and/or envelopes.
- Used or Unused postcards.
- Bookmarks.
- Inspirational cards or medals.
- Candy, gum, or any food items.
- Art, crafts and hobby supplies.
- Road maps of Arizona, areas contiguous to Arizona, states that contain the contract prison facilities, and states contiguous to those states where contract prison facilities are located; Public Transportation maps of Arizona and states with contract prison facilities and/or descriptions or photos of Department or contract prison facilities. ("Contiguous", as used in this section, means states surrounding and bordering the subject state. In the example of Arizona, this would mean California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Mexico, or any portion thereof). Any publication containing maps as part of the material will be subject to all publication review requirements.
- Calendars.
- A printed individual item (not a supplement of an item such as a newspaper), specifically intended for the purpose of advertising or selling merchandise (catalog, circular) for any items that an inmate would not be permitted to receive.
- Other unauthorized items as determined by ADC
* All metal, including paperclips, is removed from incoming mail. This mail and publications with metal bindings, including paper clips, binder clips, and other metal fasteners are prohibited.
After she has been moved to Lumley (after intake/reception is completed), her address will be more specific:

Jodi A. Arias 281129
Lumley Unit
P.O. Box 3300
Goodyear, AZ 85338

10- If you are unable to find the means to send Jodi a letter, then we can send one for you by clicking -- Jodi's Mail Room. This form will accept your name, email address (used to send you conformation, and a copy of your letter to Jodi for your records), and your return address so Jodi can write back to you. The information you provide is not shared with anyone, or used for any other purpose other than to process and mail your letter to Jodi!

Can I send Jodi pictures?
At this time, Jodi is not allowed to receive any photographs. Unfortunately, MCSO's website has misled people into thinking that if they just follow their postal rules, then Jodi will receive pictures. What it fails to mention is that she can receive 5 photos max, then no more-ever again. She maxed out years ago!
How can I make a deposit into Jodi's commissary account?
Estrella jail now only accepts money that is sent electronically to inmantes through the Maricopa Touchpay Direct online system. To make an online deposit, visit the TouchPay website at: To find retail locations where you can make a cash deposit, visit: NOTE: There are fees for using this service. They are no longer accepting any kind of money orders.
How can I send Jodi a book?
Although MCSO's website claims that is an acceptable vendor, MCSO's Central Mail Room has consistently rejected books sent from Amazon for one petty reason after another. Your best bet is (Barnes & Noble). Jodi can only receive new, soft cover books ordered online and sent directly from Barnes & Noble. But before ordering/sending anything, please check with her first as she is only allowed to have 3 books max in her possession at any one time. If she is already at that limit, then any books that came in will be returned to Barnes & Noble. Note: Please visit Jodi's Book Club to see what books she has already read, is currently reading, and what magazines have already been subscribed for her.
How can I send Jodi a magazine?
Like any subscription; you may fill out a card or order online and have it sent directly to Jodi's address. Note: Some publications are prohibited such as; Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and Rolling Stone and any publications on subject matter that may pose a threat to the security of the facility in which Jodi resides.
How can I visit Jodi?
If you have a valid government ID, no warrants and no felonies, then you may show up at 2939 W. Durango St in Phoenix between 8am and 7pm (except Fridays) Jodi is only allowed to receive 3 out-of-county visits per week, and 3 in-county visits per week. Please note: Sometimes her family is in town and Jodi doesn't want to miss out on seeing her loved ones. If you decide to visit, then please be courteous and give her advanced notice. Her mail is held for 1-3 weeks before she receives it, so if you’re planning a visit, you might also send your phone number so she can have a friend or family member notify you if it's not a good week to come. Visits are through a glass with speakers and only 30 minutes long. Visitors are required to remove any jewelry, hats, sunglasses and jackets. Visitors are also asked to empty their pockets. Only 2 people are allowed per visit. Babies less than one year old will not be counted as a visitor. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Any minor over 14 years of age is required to present a valid picture ID, such as a school ID card.
If your questions weren't addresed on this FAQ page
If you have questions that werent answered on this FAQ page, please send in your questions using the Mail Room form. Your questions will be answered ASAP.


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